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Wills and Estates
Peace of mind

A Will is a written declaration by you as to how you want your assets/property to be distributed after you pass. Having a Will is extremely important to give you and your family peace of mind that they will be looked after once you’ve gone.
For a fixed fee our experienced Wills and Estates Lawyers can draft a valid Will giving you that peace of mind.

A Will is vitally important

Having a valid Will in place is also vitally important for a number of legal reasons:
Having a valid Will is the only way to ensure that after you pass your assets are distributed according to your choice. Without a Will your assets will be divided according to the law as at the time of your death.
For instance under the new succession laws introduced in 2014 if you were to pass now without a valid Will your spouse would inherit your whole estate with nothing going to your children, unless those children are from a previous relationship. 
Alternatively if you were to pass without a valid Will in place and there is no person legally entitled to claim your assets your assets would go to the State Government in their entirety. 
It may also be the case that you after you pass you will leave debts behind. Without a valid Will in place these debts will be repaid according to the then current law. With a valid Will you can dictate how those debts are repaid and your wishes will be carried out by your executor, who is a person of your choosing appointed to distribute your assets according to your wishes. 
Another important reason to have a valid Will is so that you can have appoint your own executor. Without a valid will the Court will appoint an executor who will effect the distribution of your assets. 
Having a solicitor experienced in drafting valid Wills to draft your Will is of the utmost importance to ensure your Will is drafted correctly and to ensure your Will is valid. After you pass you cannot remedy any mistakes. 
At Darley Legal our experienced Wills lawyers know what constitutes a valid Will and can ensure that your Will is prepared so that your wishes are carried out after your death. 
Our experienced Wills and Estates lawyers can also assist executors in obtaining a grant of probate and assisting when a loved one dies without a Will in place.
We offer a free consultation, fixed fees and flexible working hours. Depending on your location we can even come to you or your loved one. One of our experienced Wills and Estates lawyers can explain the whole process to you during your first free no obligation consultation.