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Amanda O’Hare - Solicitor
Amanda is an Australian Legal Practitioner. She is also a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales and has practised in both jurisdictions. She has also conducted work in Ireland.

Amanda has years of experience in criminal matters representing persons in the lower courts on a wide and varied range of criminal offences. She has acted on number of high profile cases in London and has fought vigorously and fearlessly to obtain the best results for her clients. She has a realistic and considered approach. She will consider the evidence for and against you. She will take your detailed instructions and advise you thoroughly. She will ensure that no stone is left unturned and your case is presented both orally and written in the strongest way possible. She will guide you through the whole court process explaining the process, next steps and ensuring you are kept as confident and comfortable as possible throughout.
Amanda takes that criminal knowledge through to regulatory offences against the Work Health and Safety Act. Having worked for the prosecution division of WorkCover Authority NSW she has a good knowledge of the process and procedures.
Amanda also has a vast range of experience in conveyancing both residential and commercial. Her priority is to guide you through your legal matter effortlessly and comfortably. Keeping you informed continuously. Ensuring that all the relevant searches are conducted in a timely manner and you are advised on each and every aspect of the process.
In any matter Amanda conducts she does it with your best interests at the forefront of her mind.

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David Scerri - Consultant
David has a background in high risk work in the construction agency and offers expert consultancy to the firm all on Work Health and Safety methods and procedures relating to high risk work.

David has a great knowledge of the industry and how things work in reality in a high pressured environment.
David takes a considered and informed approach to all matters before him and offers invaluable insight to the firm in Work Health and Safety matters.

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